Competition Track

At Dance Ambassadors, we believe that competitions are a wonderful way to teach dancers performance skills, professionalism, resilience, dedication, adaptability, self reliance, and performance flexibility. Dance Ambassadors Competition Track is a comprehensive program for serious dancers to fine tune their performance quality and technique on a world stage. Competition Track dancers perform for and receive valuable feedback and critiques from industry professionals with years of experience. Dance Ambassadors Competition Team is a traveling team with opportunities to compete, perform, and learn throughout the




Dancers interested in Auditioning for Competition Track should

contact the Studio Today to learn more.




Students who have been accepted in the Competition Track are

expected to:

Take Acro and/or Tap, Ballet and/or Dance Technique, Contemporary, and Competition classes Weekly

Purchase the Studio Jacket and any additional studio attire

Participate in 5 live Regional competition entrees (min)

Participate in 1 live National/World Finals event (min)

Schedule Private classes for continued work on competition dances - as needed

Participate in Acro Exams if enrolled in Acro class




Students in Competition Track are HIGHLY encouraged to participate in Summer intensives, workshops, and dance conferences/conventions.

As a reminder, due to the commitment required, this program is for Serious Dancers Only.  

Please contact the studio to Audition.




The Dance Ambassadors Competition Team has received awards from various competitions we have participated in. Some examples that our Dancers have received include: numerous Overall awards, Judges awards, Specialty recognition, Distinctions, Titles, Scholarships, and more.