A Celebration of Dance

Eva Zitterkob-Hoke
Dance Ambassadors is pleased to be apart of “A Celebration of Dance” with iDanceMinistry. Please enjoy the video. You’ll get to see a wide variety of dance styles from all over the world.  Dance Ambassadors had the honor of representing and Performing Tap. Enjoy!


A Celebration of Dance - June 24, 2022 (a National Dance Week Event)  https://youtu.be/HK9q1fCgPUE

"A Celebration of Dance" is a National Dance Week event featuring a variety of dance styles including: Pointe (Ballet), Jazz, Theatre Dance, Lyrical, Tap, West Coast Swing Dance, East Coast Swing Dance, Irish Step Dance, House Dance, Jersey Club Dance, Hip Hop, K-Pop, Contemporary, Chinese Traditional Dance, Indian Classical Dance, HBCU Danceline and Flamenco
Featured Participants include: Wilson School of Dance, DMR Adventures, Elite Performing Arts Center, Mahogany N Motion, Dance Ambassadors LLC, Charlottesville Swing Dance Society, Harlem Swing Dance Society, NY Studio of Irish Step Dance, iDance Ministry, Hiro Alma, D-TREX, K-Edge, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, Shereen Ladha – Dance with SL and Melina Najjar.
The event was created by María Daniel, (Founder and Artistic Director of iDance Ministry) who is also a National Dance Foundation Partner for both VA and NJ.
"A Celebration of Dance" was created to
(1) educate the community about the various styles of dance;
(2) unite the community through the diversity of dance and
(3) celebrate the local artists in our community.

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