Dance Ambassadors Welcomes New Instructors!

Eva Zitterkob-Hoke

Dance Ambassadors is pleased to welcome 2 new Instructors to our team. Marissa Barnwell and Annabella Parente.


Marissa is a Texas-based dancer with a focus in hip hop, lyrical, and jazz. Marissa started dancing when she was three years old. After jumping between dance, gymnastics and cheer she finally decided that dance was something she wanted to stick with. Marissa was a competitive dancer and while growing up got to work with several different choreographers all over the country. Marissa is currently a dance major at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Marissa strives to be a role model for young dancers. One of her goals is to encourage dancers of color to continue to fight for their dreams. She strives to continue to be able to grow as a dancer and continue to show people that you can accomplish your goals and aspirations no matter what comes your way. While in school Marissa is pursuing her BA in dance. After she graduates, she would love to be able to continue her professional dance career and dance in the industry. After that she would love to continue choreographing and spreading her knowledge of dance to the next generation of dancers.


Annabella is a sophomore in college studying basic mental health counseling. Ever since she was small, Annabella has had a great love of helping others and dancing around her dining room. Annabella started her dance training at Italia Performing Arts where she met Lorenza Kirk and Eva Zitterkob-Hoke. Both wonderful ladies pushed and encouraged Annabella to be the best she could be, to be creative, to learn as much as possible and how to share her knowledge with others. She began assistant teaching at age thirteen and teaching on her own at age sixteen. She has taught ballet, swing dancing, and musical theater to ages ranging from 3-25 yrs. Annabella choreographed her first of three shows (A Walk Down Broadway) at age sixteen, choreographing 8 dances in 8 weeks with 25 students who had never danced before. Working with children coming from all different types of backgrounds proved to Annabella that dance is not just for those wishing to perform on a stage in New York or Europe. Dance is a way to express one’s self and to have fun doing it.  Annabella hopes to one day use her knowledge of both dance and mental health to teach dance as a form of communication to special needs students and as a form of therapy for patients with mental trauma.


Please join us in welcoming them into the Dance Ambassadors family as we begin our 2023-2024 season.

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